How we integrate our Adhesive Putty and our Wall decor

The bag includes, the words and about a half ounce of the Adhesive Putty.

Unlike a decal, you do not need a smooth surface to use our product, it comes with a sliver of our Adhesive Putty included, so per the video on the HOME page, simply stick it up like you would a poster and remove by sliding the word off the wall like you would a poster..

It is important to understand, This NOT a decal or Vinyl Item. We cut the words, shapes and images from a Matboard, so it is light, paint-able and easy to use.

Sticks to almost any dry surface

Our Adhesive Putty was formulated many years ago in South Africa where all our buildings are brick and mortar, so we are confident you will find it will work for you as well.

Revive that Mirror.

By painting the back of the words and sticking them onto a mirror, you can achieve a 3D effect, not something you can do with Decal.

Only need to use a little amount of Putty, rolled into a string t hide the it in the reflection.

How Big are the Quotes

The pictures in our gallery are some of the quotes that are stuck onto a board that is 23 inches x 16 inches. However, some are much bigger as our cutting bed is 47 x 32 inches for those larger custom orders.