Plasti-Tak - The Original Adhesive Putty.

It's Back!!!!

Plasti-Tak was established in 1965, and has been a favorite for so many consumers over the years. 

Yes it did disappear around 2010, and now we are very proud to offer you this amazing product again.

Used by:



Office Staff 


Weddding and Party Planners


Model Toy Collectors

RV Owners

Museum Curators


Soldering Jobbers

and every day we are told how they have used this product to secure things temporarily.

The package comes in a sleeve where it is easy to access, and keeps the product clean and free from dust and dirt. Simply slide out the slab, pinch off what you need, and slip it back into the sleeve, protected at all time  between two sheets of release paper.
Permanently plastic and pliable, very important - does not dry.

- Sticking Stuff to Surfaces for 66 years !!!

"If an advertized adhesive putty dries, it loses it's TAK, it cannot therefore be considered reusable. Sticky Putty does claim it will not dry and remain sticky and re-useable for a long long time!!!