It’s a Good Day to have a Good day


Like putting up a Poster!! Easy to use…





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Very easy to put up, unlike a regular decal, this product works on just about any dry surface, brick, wood, glass, tile, orange peel, and more.

Product is made from sturdy 1/16 inch Mat-board, all the individual letters are joined together forming a complete word, so no struggling to line the letters up – error free.

The whole quote, all the word, are bagged and about 1/2 oz of Plasti-Tak Adhesive Putty is included, so all you have to do is, remove the words gently, the just as you would put up a poster, take a little Plasti-Tak and roll it into a string shape, and place it on the back of the word at about 3 spots and press the word where you want it on the “surface”

TO REMOVE PLACE BOTH HANDS ON THE TOP OF THE WORD AND GENTLY SLIDE IT DOWNWARDS, DO NOT PEEL IT OFF the Plasti-Tak will  release as it never dries out which makes this particular putty the only putty we recommend, the use of any other adhesive putty brand may cause this product to fail.

The covering area shown is close to dimensions but depends on how you want to place the words. Some make a long sentence, or up and down… which ever suits your space.


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