Plasti-Tak easy to use!!


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Plasti-Tak was first trademarked in 1965 and is an American favorite!!!!

You will receive a 3oz sleeve of Plasti-Tak reusable adhesive putty.

Simply pull off the desired amount and knead a little, place it between surfaces and press firmly together.

Used for sticking up posters, decorations, office memo’s.


Holds down figurines, Bluetooth speakers, lamps, maps, lighters maybe even hide a secret hey.

Trademarked “The Duct Tape of Tak”  Plasti-Tak comes in a sleeve where

it is easy to access, and keeps the product clean and free from dust and

dirt. Simply slide out the slab, pinch off what you need, and slip it back into

the sleeve, protected at all time between two sheets of release paper.

Permanently plastic and pliable, does not dry.


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